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This school is primarily aimed at advanced students who have completed their Bachelor degree in physical, engineering and life sciences, and early stage researchers, e.g., PhD students and postdocs. The course is part of the curriculum of the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences at the Technical University Berlin.

Institut - Silizium Photovoltaik

Prof. Dr. Olindo Isabella
Delft University, Group “Photovoltaics Materials and Devices”; Niederlande

Prof. Wolfram Jaegermann
Surface Science Division, Materials Science, TU Darmstadt

Institut - Methoden der Materialentwicklung

In this interdisciplinary workshop, various aspects involving carbon-liquid interface will be discussed ranging from new methods enabling in situ characterization and simulation of nanomaterials in liquid to development of new applications. A special emphasis will be given to the characterization of photo- and electrochemical processes occurring at the surface of carbon nanomaterials in aqueous mehr

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